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Avoid Costly Custody Disputes in Georgia or South Carolina

Father and Son

Are you locked in a custody battle with an ex-partner or spouse? These situations can become toxic and costly in several ways. Solutions are available when both parties work toward ensuring the best interests of the children. Co-parenting is the ideal resolution, but you may face challenges along the way.

The costs of a custody dispute can range from losing access to children, or paying more than your fair share toward childcare. In a relationship split or divorce, discussions are often emotionally-charged. Working with a lawyer who understands the child custody laws and precedents in Georgia and South Carolina is therefore beneficial.

Child Custody Petitioners

In this case, the petitioner is the individual seeking custody of a child. A parent, grandparent, uncle, aunt or other relevant party may request custody of a child or children. The court will request evidence and may order investigations like a psychiatric report on any concerned children or a home visit.

These proceedings are not always straightforward – especially if any party involved has raised disputes. If you are going through a split or divorce and child custody is a consideration, an experienced Georgia lawyer can provide guidance and representation.

At Stephen Hagler, LLC, we treat all our clients with the compassion and understanding they deserve. Breakups and child custody are complex life experiences. Our legal team is committed to ensuring you have support throughout the process of resolving child custody disputes. We will aim to prevent your case from entering a courtroom, with a focus on mediation and acting in the best interests of any children.

Call the legal offices of Stephen Hagler, LLC today to discuss your divorce or child custody challenges. We are here to help you get through this difficult time through conflict resolution and collaborative law.

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