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Preparation of Wills and Trusts

The process of creating and executing a will is usually quite straightforward. Unfortunately, many people assume it is a complicated procedure and do not like to think about dying and thus they procrastinate and delay in creating a will. Many are also concerned about the cost of having the will prepared by an attorney. However, the cost of having a simple will prepared is typically very reasonable.

The purpose of creating a will is simple. It allows you to determine who is going to receive your assets upon your death and who will care for your minor children and the assets you leave them until they reach the age of majority. It is important that you contact an experienced attorney regarding the preparation of your will, that he or she can discuss with you the options available and then prepare your will according to your specific needs. A properly executed will should help your loved ones avoid unnecessary confusion and expense upon your death.

Securing the Future of Your Family

When it comes to planning the future of your estate or creating security for your children after you pass away, it is important to have a skilled, experienced and compassionate lawyer by your side. Attorney Stephen Hagler will explore all of your options when preparing your will or trust based on your unique circumstances and needs.

As a trusted wills and probate attorney, we can handle the following:

  • Creating simple wills
  • Year’s support for a spouse
  • Estate administration
  • Intestate
  • Guardianships
  • Living wills
  • Advanced medical directives
  • Fraudulently induced wills
  • Will disputes

Stephen Hagler LLC, Attorney at Law has been creating wills, and assisting families in the process of probating or administering estates, and establishing guardianships and conservatorships since 1991. Please contact us today to schedule a preparation of a will or trust for your loved ones.

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