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Protecting Your Custody Rights in Georgia

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During a divorce, emotions are high. It can be easy to find yourself in an uphill battle where child custody is concerned. Mediation can protect your custody rights without ever having to step inside a courtroom, bringing stability to you and your children. What is Mediation? Mediation is a process that seeks to come to…

Stepparent Adoption in Georgia

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Becoming a stepparent can be one of the most rewarding things you can experience. There are situations that arise requiring you to take on a parent role to your stepchildren. If this occurs, you may consider adopting your stepchildren. Here are some reasons behind stepparent adoption, and the process you will need to follow in…

Are You Ready to Prepare a Will or Trust?

Last Will and Testament Document Augusta, GA

For many people, the unfortunate truth is, putting off creating a will is not an option. If you are getting on in years, or suffering from a terminal illness, now is the time to think about how your assets will be distributed after you are gone. The process is not as complicated as you may…

Denied SSDI? What Now?

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If you have been in the process of applying for State Disability or Social Security Disability Insurance and have been denied, there is help. You can enter an appeal process with the help of an attorney.  The right law firm can help put your claim back on track. They can help explain what the requirements…

All the Issues You Have Surrounding a Will are Resolvable

Last Will and Testament Document Augusta, GA

When thinking about creating a will, many people believe that the process is both complex and stressful. While it is true that there are several potential issues that need addressed, the legal process is usually a lot simpler than expected. At Stephen Hagler, LLC, we can help you create a will that expressly outlines your…

Steps to Receive Social Security Disability Benefits in Georgia

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Federal Social Security Disability benefits are only paid for full or long-term disability that lasts at least a year. Other types of programs, including some supplemental insurance programs, will pay for a short-term or full disability that lasts less than one year. Federal social security disability qualifications include: You must have worked enough time based…

Are You Worried About Estate Administration Disputes?

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When planning your estate, there are a range of issues that need addressed in a timely fashion. Choosing an executor or administrator is one of the primary concerns to consider. Worries over disputes between beneficiaries or those who feel they were wrongly left out of a will can be avoided with careful planning and implementation.…

No Will in Georgia: Will My Wife and Kids Lose Out If I Die?

Last Will and Testament Document Augusta, GA

Some people are either reluctant to make a will or simply cannot find the time. If you die without a will in Georgia, “intestate succession” means that your closest relatives will inherit your assets. However, there are legal rules surrounding how any assets are divided. Although in most cases the distribution of assets is straightforward,…

Avoid Costly Custody Disputes in Georgia or South Carolina

Father and Son

Are you locked in a custody battle with an ex-partner or spouse? These situations can become toxic and costly in several ways. Solutions are available when both parties work toward ensuring the best interests of the children. Co-parenting is the ideal resolution, but you may face challenges along the way. The costs of a custody…

Helping Your Stepchildren Through the Adoption Process

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When you marry someone with children, you try to prepare yourself for the difficulties of finding your place in the new family. The opportunity may arise where adopting your stepchildren seems like a natural step, but there are many factors to consider. Prepare for an Emotional Journey Each family situation is unique, and what your…

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