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The Importance of a Parenting Plan

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Divorce is traumatic, both for the couple and for their children.  The entire family needs structure and support during this difficult time, and a well-crafted parenting plan can help provide that much-needed stability for the children. Your children deserve to be cared for by both parents if at all possible, so drafting a plan early…

Seeking Legal Advice Before Applying for Disability

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If you have become disabled and need to file for disability benefits, the process can be a long and arduous one. Over 65% of initial disability claims are denied, usually due to improper documentation. A skilled attorney who has experience with disability claims can increase your chances of approval and help avoid costly delays to…

Visitation Rights for Grandparents

Grandfather Visitation Augusta GA

Divorce is a difficult time to face, but when children are involved, the situation is even more daunting. The well-being and care of children when the parents’ relationship dissolves becomes the most important issue to discuss. Sometimes, in the demands of the divorce proceedings, the rights of grandparents to visit their grandchildren can get lost…

Protect Your Kids at Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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The current COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented upheavals in the lives of many Georgia families. Kids are home from school on extended leave due to measures deemed necessary to protect health and safety. While many parents are also at home with their children, many others still must work. A number of families have encountered difficulties…

3 Things You Need to Know About Divorce in the Military

Military Divorce Augusta GA

Even though you or your spouse may have a military affiliation, your divorce is still processed through the same state courts as civilian divorces. This is true whether your status is active duty, veteran, retiree after 20+ years of service or any other. What makes divorce in the military different is some additional factors that…

Paternity Disputes That Can Mend Relationships

Family Law Augusta GA

When most people thing of paternity disputes, a mother seeking child maintenance or a father disputing paternity comes to mind. However, there are a large number of cases where paternity disputes are a way for a couple to move forward after an affair or suspected infidelity. These cases are not only the domain of daytime…

Sensitivity During Step Parent Adoption

Family Adoption Augusta GA

Step-parent adoption is different that adopting a child into the lives of non-biological parents. There are a number of issues that you should consider before you and your partner or spouse take the leap. The experience can be extremely rewarding and beneficial for all, so long as sensitivity is part of the process. Approaching Adoption…

Coping with Holiday Depression

For many individuals, the holiday season is not a happy, festive time of year. Loss, debt, pain, or a number of other issues combine to plunge them into a depression that lasts well into the upcoming New Year. Regardless of the trigger for your holiday depression, it is a real, valid struggle that many people…

Spinal Cord Injury in Augusta

Person With Spinal Injury in a Wheelchair Augusta, GA

Have you suffered a spinal cord injury in Augusta, Georgia? Unfortunately, spinal cord injuries can result from any type of accident. Something as simple as a slip and fall may leave you with a life-changing injury that affects home and work life. Impact on Home Life Adjustments to home life are often necessary for people…

Four Important Steps when Creating a Will

Last Will and Testament Document Augusta, GA

Creating a will is an important step in ensuring that your estate is managed in accordance with your wishes when you have passed away. There are several essential steps when creating a last will and testament. However, the finer details will differ from person to person. Choosing an Executor The executor of a will has…

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