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Reasons for a Name Change in Georgia

figure of lady justice

There are several reasons that an adult or child many need a name change. The process is not typically difficult, unless you have a criminal record or cannot provide a legitimate purpose for the request. At Stephen H. Hagler LLC, we have helped many of our clients in Georgia complete the necessary petition successfully. In…

Dealing with the Challenges of Custody Arrangements

photo of a smiling family

Custody arrangements can make life more bearable for kids and parents alike. If you have gone through a breakup, there is no reason for children to suffer. Making accommodations as adults is the least that any parent can do. Unfortunately, life doesn’t always work out that way. A custody arrangement hinges on several factors, all…

3 Things to Consider Before Filing for Divorce in Georgia

Husband and Wife Not Speaking to Each Other

Divorce can be a time consuming and stressful process. You may disagree with your spouse on finances, custody arrangements, the division of property and other matters. By addressing these issues prior to filing, you can protect yourself legally and make the process easier. Here are three things to consider before filing for divorce in Georgia.…

Do I Need an Attorney for My SSDI Claim?

A lawyer with a client revising a claim at his legal office.

Most working Americans assume that if they become disabled, they could use their social security insurance benefits to supplement their income. While that is true in theory, actually obtaining those benefits can be more difficult than you may think. Many people with a legitimate SSDI claim get denied – in fact, the majority of claims…

Why Adoption Should be a Consideration When Making Estate Plans

Family Photo

If you are thinking about the future of a spouse and dependents, making an estate plan is one option. This process covers making arrangements that cover how your estate is managed or disposed of if you die or are incapacitated. Parents want to ensure that their surviving minor children can live comfortably. However, the language…

Dealing with the Challenges of Accident Injuries in Georgia

Wheelchair for Disabled

Getting into an accident on the road or at work can result in serious injuries. How those injuries affect your life will manifest as time passes. Initially, you may hope to return to normal activities. But unfortunately, many people face lifetime disabilities that make it impossible to work or manage everyday chores. There are several…

Five Interesting Legal Facts about Making a Will in Georgia

Last Will and Testament Document Augusta, GA

As far as legal documents go, a last will and testament is a straightforward document. As long as your assets and estate are managed properly, issues shouldn’t arise in respect to your wishes. However, there are some instances which may make a will legally invalid. If you have any concerns about the validity of your…

Processing the Challenges of Custody Issues in Georgia

Family Law Augusta GA

Navigating the issues surrounding child custody in Georgia can become confusing for parents. There are several possible outcomes, based on the laws of the state and circumstances involved in each case. Parents in Georgia share equal rights where child custody is concerned. However, there are still various scenarios that may result in shared custody or…

How Are Child Support Payments Calculated in Georgia?

Family Law

Custody and child support hearings are not something most parents look forward to eagerness. There can be many gray areas in these hearings, making it hard to know what to expect. Knowing how child support payments are calculated in Georgia can help alleviate some stress. Income All child support payments are calculated by starting with…

The Importance of Neutral Mediation in Guardianship Disputes

Senior Couple

Families are made up of humans who have their own opinions and desires, brought together by relationships. Even though the family bond is usually one of love and understanding, there are times when this loyalty is tested. In the instance of guardianships, familial relationships can be strained, sometimes beyond repair. Guardianship mediation can help families…

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