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Guardianships and conservatorships are both tools, like powers of attorney, that allow someone to take control of the decisions of a minor or an incapacitated or incompetent loved one. While conservatorship refers to decisions about a person’s finances, guardianship addresses decisions about a person’s health or personal affairs. If you need experienced legal representation for a guardianship matter involving a loved one, you can trust Attorney Stephen Hagler.

When a person is not able to handle his or her own personal affairs a court can appoint an individual or professional to act on behalf of that person. Generally, there are two types of guardianships, guardianships of minor children, and guardianships of incapacitated adults. In both instances, the probate court has jurisdiction to determine if a guardian is necessary and who should be the guardian of the minor child or incapacitated adult. There is a process in which the minor child or incapacitated adult is notified along with the nearest of kin, in order to assure their rights are fully protected. Guardianships of minor children are usually not necessary if the natural parents can care for a child or children. However in some instances, like a death or incapacity of a parent, a guardianship is necessary.

At Stephen Hagler LLC, Attorney at Law, we realize that the process of obtaining guardianship is a serious matter, and one that is often filled with high emotions. You can trust us to be sensitive to your family situation while also seeking the best interest of the affected child or incapacitated adult. We also understand the importance of helping clients navigate the legal process efficiently, as guardianship is a matter best handled in a timely and stress-free manner.

If you have questions about a guardianship case or want to consult with our experienced guardianship attorney, please contact our office. Stephen Hagler has been preparing wills, and assisting families in the process of probating wills or administering estates, and establishing guardianships and conservatorships since 1991.

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