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Denied SSDI/SSI Claims – Augusta Lawyer

Has Your Social Security Claim Been Denied?

Regardless of what your situation is, the initial application for Social Security benefits is almost always denied. This is not the end of the line. This is where the real work begins. This is where the experience offered by our law firm can truly benefit to you.

Stephen H. Hagler LLC will help if your claim is denied. He has more than 21 years of experience helping people in Georgia and South Carolina. You can be confident that he can help you too.

The real work begins: preparation and reconsideration

Once you get notice that your claim is denied, you must respond quickly. A notice of reconsideration must be filed within 60 days. We will prepare the reconsideration on your behalf. This involves making certain that all medical records are in order and even getting written opinions from doctors that speak to why your disability prevents you from working. Once everything is in order, we will send your case back to the Social Security office.

The Social Security office may respond to the reconsideration with another denial. This is common. It is important to look at it as just another step in the process. The next step is the Social Security hearing.

The social security hearing and beyond

The Social Security hearing is our best opportunity to get you the benefits you need. At a hearing, we can make certain that your case comes to life in front of an administrative law judge. We know how to achieve success at Social Security hearings. Our goal is to have the process end here, with you getting the benefits you need.

If your claim is denied after the hearing, your case can be appealed. We will take the matter in front of the Social Security Appeals Council, and if we do not succeed there, we can go as far as filing a lawsuit in federal district court. We will take the necessary steps to get what is right for you.

No charge unless we get results

All SSDI and SSI claim denial cases are handled on a contingency basis, which means we don’t charge unless we get results. If we are successful, we will only ask for a percentage of the past due benefits you are entitled to. This percentage is set and capped by statute.

Free consultations are available

We are committed to making our services convenient. We are willing to come to you if you are not able to get to our office in Augusta, Georgia. To schedule a free consultation with an experienced lawyer, call us at (706) 860-9060 or send us an e-mail.

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