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Common Signs of a Fraudulent or Contestable Will

Last Will and Testament Document Augusta, GA

As a legal document, a last will and testament is typically uncomplicated in design and intention. This alone can lead to attempts by an unscrupulous person or persons to enforce a fraudulent or manipulated will. There are several common signs that may indicate that the document is fraudulent.

An experienced wills and probate lawyer can help you create a will or determine if an existing document is legally sound. These checks and balances will help ensure that any disputes surrounding the provision or execution of a will are legitimate.

Forged Last Will & Testament

The clearest case of fraud is when a person or persons create a document, with forged signatures included, on behalf of a testator (person who created the will) without the latter’s permission. This is usually an attempt to grant oneself, another individual or a group an inheritance to which they are not entitled.

Forged Signatures

Even if the content of a will is legitimate, the forging of a testator or a witness is fraudulent. It doesn’t matter if the document remains as written other than the addition of a signature. Legally, the document is not legally binding unless the required signatures are completed by the named individuals.

Undue Influence

Undue influence can occur if a testator is coerced or otherwise put under pressure to change a last will and testament. An example of undue influence might include a child pressuring a parent into making him the sole beneficiary of an estate. These scenarios are difficult to contest in court as the person(s) raising a dispute must prove that undue influence was used to override the genuine wishes of the testator.

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