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Start a New Year with Peace of Mind Through Georgia Estate Planning

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The last thing anyone wants to think about at the beginning of a new year is their end-of-life concerns. At the same time, you don’t want to go through yet another year with the knowledge that you’re avoiding something so important.

Why Estate Planning Matters

Though it can feel a bit morbid to acknowledge mortality so frankly, it can also be a comfort to go through the rest of your days with peace of mind. You hopefully have decades of living left to do, and you want to be able to do it with as many worries mitigated as possible.

Proactive estate planning allows you to take one thing out of rotation on your late-night worries greatest hits list, and doing it early in a new year lets you approach the rest of the year with a new attitude.

Georgia Estate Planning May Not Be as Stressful as You Think

One of the primary reasons people put off making their estate planning decisions official is the idea that the whole process will be expensive and outrageously stressful. The truth is, the process is relatively straightforward and simple, in most cases. Even more complicated estate planning situations are less worrisome than living with the knowledge of what can happen if you were to pass unexpectedly and without a will.

In the state of Georgia, intestate succession determines how your estate is divided among your survivors. A surviving spouse may inherit some or all of your assets, though there are some factors which can impact how the estate is divided if there are other qualifying heirs. The state will not recognize verbally stated wishes prior to your death. If you want to be sure your wishes will be honored and those you choose to care for with your remaining assets are protected, it is vital your will is a valid, legally binding document.

Who you choose to work with through your estate planning journey can also have a significant impact, both on your experience now and that of your heirs in the hopefully distant future. For more information about estate planning and why you should work with an experienced attorney for such matters, call the offices of Stephen H. Hagler LLC today.

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