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Who Will Be Paying For College?

College Age Friends

If you have a child getting ready to pack her bags and head off to college it can be so hard. The thought of her no longer living in your home makes it an emotionally difficult time of life. What makes it even more challenging is considering how you’re going to pay for her college education.

According to College Board, the average cost for a private four-year college is $32,410 and for a public four-year college it is averaged around $24,000. Those statistics are just for tuition and fees. There are many other expenses that need to be considered such as: housing, food, books and supplies. When considering what your child’s college degree will actually cost, it can be scary.

If you’re faced with paying for your child’s college tuition, you need all the help you can get. Stephen H. Hagler LLC has experience navigating custody and child support issues that arise in your family.

Laws related to child support and paying for college vary from state to state. In Georgia, there is no specified requirement that a parent must support his or her child beyond secondary school. Laws in Georgia also state that a court cannot forcibly order a parent to pay for a child’s college expenses.

Although college expenses cannot be required to be paid by a Georgia court, parents are able to agree with each other to pay for their children’s college expenses in a Settlement Agreement. Contact Stephen H Hagler, LLC Attorney at Law to meet with him and answer any questions you may have regarding child support. He is your Augusta Child Support, Modifications Attorney.

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