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Why Creating a Will Should Be Your New Year’s Resolution

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As we enter a new year, it is an opportune time to prioritize tasks that often get overlooked in the hustle and bustle of daily life. Creating a will might not be a topic that immediately comes to mind when considering New Year’s resolutions, but it is a crucial and often neglected aspect of personal planning. Here are several reasons why making a will should be a priority on your list of resolutions for the upcoming year.

Ensure Your Wishes Are Honored

Crafting a will allows you to dictate how your assets and belongings will be distributed after your passing. Without a will, the distribution of your estate may be subject to the default laws of your state or country, potentially leading to outcomes that don’t align with your wishes. A will ensures that your intentions regarding your estate are clearly documented and followed.

A will is not limited to asset distribution. It can also include specific instructions regarding funeral arrangements, charitable donations, or any other personal preferences you wish to convey after your passing. This document allows you to leave behind not just material assets but also your values and sentiments.

Provide Clarity and Prevent Disputes

A well-defined will helps avoid confusion and potential conflicts among family members or beneficiaries. It provides explicit instructions on how you want your assets divided, minimizing the likelihood of disputes or legal battles among heirs after your passing. This can provide peace of mind to your loved ones during a challenging time.

Creating a will is not solely about planning for the future; it is also about providing closure and peace of mind for yourself and your loved ones. Knowing that your affairs are in order and that your wishes will be honored can alleviate stress and uncertainty for both you and your family members.

Protect Your Minor Children

If you have underage children, creating a will allows you to appoint a guardian of your choice to care for them in the event of your passing. Without a will specifying your wishes, the court may decide on guardianship based on its assessment, which may not align with your preferences.

Minimize Estate Taxes and Expenses

A thoughtfully structured will can also help minimize estate taxes and administrative expenses. By planning ahead and utilizing legal strategies within the framework of the law, you can potentially reduce the tax burden on your estate and ensure that more of your assets go to your intended beneficiaries.

Seek Legal Advice and Guidance

While there are DIY will kits available, seeking legal advice and professional guidance can ensure that your will is legally sound and comprehensive. Stephen H. Hagler, LLC is an attorney specializing in estate planning, and he can assist in drafting a will that aligns with your specific circumstances and adheres to legal requirements.

Making a will should be a priority New Year’s resolution as it ensures your wishes are carried out, protects your loved ones and provides peace of mind. It is a responsible step toward managing your affairs and leaving a legacy that reflects your values and intentions. Do not delay this crucial aspect of personal planning; start the New Year by taking proactive steps to create or update your will. Call the law office of Stephen H. Hagler LLC in the Augusta, GA, area to schedule a will consultation.

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