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Social Security Disability Insurance Versus Supplemental Security Income

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When it comes to disability benefits, the Social Security Administration (SSA) has two programs available: Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Even though both programs are meant to help people with disabilities get financial support, they have critical differences. SSDI: Eligibility and Benefits SSDI is a government program that benefits individuals who…

Fibromyalgia Disability Claims Are Difficult to Prove

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Fibromyalgia plays with your mind and emotions. Because other people cannot see your impairment, they have difficulty grasping the fact that you are disabled. It may hurt your feelings when told, “You don’t look sick.” Sometimes, even you may wonder if it is all in your head. But the pain, brain fog and fatigue are…

Do You Need to Get a Conservatorship for Your Loved One?

Senior father and his teenage son suffering from mental disability sitting on the stairs and chatting.

Do you have a family member who cannot make proper financial decisions for themselves due to childhood or incapacitation? There are different ways to help in such a situation, and a conservatorship could be needed. Read on as we discuss conservatorships, what they are and how you can get one for your loved one in…

Start a New Year with Peace of Mind Through Georgia Estate Planning

Legal Documents Augusta GA

The last thing anyone wants to think about at the beginning of a new year is their end-of-life concerns. At the same time, you don’t want to go through yet another year with the knowledge that you’re avoiding something so important. Why Estate Planning Matters Though it can feel a bit morbid to acknowledge mortality…

Why Hire a Lawyer for Your Mental Illness Social Security Claim?

Lawyer Discussing Case with Clients Augusta GA

If your mental illness keeps you from working, you might be able to get Social Security disability benefits. Hiring a licensed disability lawyer can significantly improve your chances of being approved, especially if your claim is based on a mental disorder like depression or anxiety. A Lawyer Knows Precisely What Medical Evidence is Required Medical…

Military Divorce: What You Need to Know

Military Divorce Augusta GA

Divorce is seldom easy, but there are more challenging aspects when one or both spouses are active duty military. The first challenge is where the divorce will be filed, as it can change based on where each spouse lives, holds residency or is stationed. From there, the challenges continue. Let’s look at the most common.…

Why Your Social Security Disability Claim May Be Denied

Person With Spinal Injury in a Wheelchair Augusta, GA

A sudden injury or illness can have devastating consequences on every aspect of your life. If you are unable to work, how will you support yourself or your family? Social Security Disability can be a lifeline when you are no longer able to make an income due to illness or injury. The process may not…

Reasons for a Name Change in Georgia

figure of lady justice

There are several reasons that an adult or child many need a name change. The process is not typically difficult, unless you have a criminal record or cannot provide a legitimate purpose for the request. At Stephen H. Hagler LLC, we have helped many of our clients in Georgia complete the necessary petition successfully. In…

Dealing with the Challenges of Custody Arrangements

photo of a smiling family

Custody arrangements can make life more bearable for kids and parents alike. If you have gone through a breakup, there is no reason for children to suffer. Making accommodations as adults is the least that any parent can do. Unfortunately, life doesn’t always work out that way. A custody arrangement hinges on several factors, all…

3 Things to Consider Before Filing for Divorce in Georgia

Husband and Wife Not Speaking to Each Other

Divorce can be a time consuming and stressful process. You may disagree with your spouse on finances, custody arrangements, the division of property and other matters. By addressing these issues prior to filing, you can protect yourself legally and make the process easier. Here are three things to consider before filing for divorce in Georgia.…

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